“Scott’s innovative approach to ‘My Signature Effect’ combines a classic plot with a healthy dose of modernity.  The result is an uncommon moment of magic for any audience which is truly inexplicable.  There are countless effects which leave people feeling fooled, but as Darwin has so eloquently pointed out, feeling fooled does not equate to feeling impossible.  Occasionally an effect surfaces which combines a modern prop with a truly imaginative approach and results in a moment of clarity that genuinely feels like magic.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to share the inexplicable with your audiences.”          —Shannon Clark


The routine begins with a spectator naming their favorite playing card.  A unique deck of transparent plastic playing cards is then introduced.  The cards are removed from their plastic case and openly shown to the audience.  The spectator’s favorite card is removed from the pack and signed across the back; the signature can be seen from both sides of the playing card because of the see-through nature of the card.  The spectator’s signed card is then isolated inside the deck’s clear plastic box, where it is kept in full view throughout the routine.

The performer then names and removes his favorite playing card from the pack.  He signs the back of it and then openly displays his card to the audience.  That card is handed face down to the spectator, who is asked to wave it back and forth over the sealed card case containing the audience member’s signed card.  Upon turning the card over, the audience sees that the volunteer is now holding his own favorite card, but it now has the performer’s signature on it.  When the box is opened, the magician’s favorite card is found inside, bearing the spectator’s signature.  Not only have the cards magically transposed, but so have the two signatures.  Both cards can be freely examined by the audience.

Comes complete with two decks of transparent PVC playing cards and a dry erase marker.

$35 + $3 shipping in USA  (International shipping extra based on destination.  Please inquire prior to ordering)

Autographed upon request.

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