“Kahn’s approach to magic is likely similar to that of his medical career – prescribing solutions that breathe new life into classic card magic. . . Great visual effects. . . Well structured. . . Kahnjuring is a fine debut effort and I look forward to what Kahn has in store for us next.”  –John Guastaferro, Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine (March 2016)

“Scott’s ‘Rollover Revelation’ is an easy, flashy trick with an unexpected ending that will establish him as a knowledgeable magician.  What more can you ask for from an opening effect?” –Jason Alford, The Second Deal

Kahnjuring is a superbly written book. . . I can’t put it down!  ‘My Signature Effect’ is ingenious!”  –John Aveiro

“Scott Kahn is a wonderfully inventive creator who is worth keeping your eyes on.  It will be well worth the wait to see what other gems Scott has in store for us.  Me?  I can hardly wait.  I have no reservations at all about the quality of Scott’s work!”  –Shane Causer, Visions, The Online Journal of the Art of Magic

“Slick effect!  Simple, yet effective.  ‘Take Two’ is a stunning card transposition that will leave your audience gasping.”  –Shane Causer, Visions, The Online Journal of the Art of Magic

“I’m looking forward to your next release.  Your first collection was stellar!”  –Shannon Clark

“Applying a ‘triple shuffle’ to the rollover plot is a great idea.  I loved ‘Rollover Revelation.’  Thumb’s way up from me!”  –Doug Conn

“Your method of writing is excellent.  I don’t think I will ever go as far as writing my own material down for the public because there are guys like you that do it so much better.”  –Gerhard Erasmus

“‘My Signature Effect’ is a great trick!  I was drawn to this effect because it uses an interesting prop (a clear deck of cards) to create a signature transposition that couldn’t be achieved with normal cards.  If you have one of these decks lying around, this may well be a great use for it.”  –Andi Gladwin, Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine

“Well done!  I like your ideas.”  –Richard James, Connoisseur Conjuring

“Scott’s ‘Rollover Revelation’ is quick, direct and very much unexpected!”  –Joshua Jay

“Thank you for contributing your amazing trick to Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine!”  –Richard Kaufman, Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine

“Wow!!!  ‘My Signature Effect’ is really cool!  Simple and extremely creative!  I love it!  It’s awesome!”  –Michael O’Brien

“Very commercial!  You can tell Scott puts thought into his card magic.”  –Marshall Peterson, H&R Magic Books

“Nice job!  Excellent handling.  I’m definitely going to publish ‘Rollover Revelation’ in my MAGIC Magazine column.  Keep up the good work!”  –Jon Racherbaumer

“Scott’s innovative approach in ‘My Signature Effect’ combines a classic plot with a healthy dose of modernity. The result is an uncommon moment of magic for any audience which is truly inexplicable. There are countless effects which leave people feeling fooled, but as Darwin has so eloquently pointed out, feeling fooled doesn’t equate to feeling impossible. Occasionally an effect surfaces which combines a modern prop with a truly imaginative approach and results in a moment of clarity that genuinely feels like magic. Don’t pass up the opportunity to share the inexplicable with your audiences.” —Shannon Clark

“Scott is one of my favorite session mates.  As a result, I’ve been able to see these ideas develop and grow into their current form.  They started off strong and kept getting better and better.  Kahnceptual Card Magic is a treat for card workers looking for practical, powerful magic.”  –Caleb Wiles

“Your ‘In-The-Hands Open Prediction’ is a wonderful way of turning the plot upside down.  I was severely fooled!  In fact, I wish I had seen all of the routines in this book first before reading them to experience being totally fooled!”  –Tomas Blomberg

“Powerful, take no prisoners card magic.  If this were 1692, Scott would surely be on trial for witchcraft.”  –Michael Kaminskas

“Scott Kahn is a must study for those into card magic.  He tackles a wide range of plots with a unique approach.”  Ryan Schlutz

“Great work Scott!  With your two deck open prediction, I got my money’s worth.  It is simply brilliant… beautifully constructed and it will fool people badly!” – John Carey

“WOW!  In-The-Hands Open Prediction is well worth the price of admission.  Simple, off beat and fun.”  – Brent Braun


“We highly recommend Scott’s show to any family or corporate business looking for high-quality entertainment!  –Border’s Books, Inc.

“I was once a skeptic, but now I am a believer. . . I cannot say enough about this show!”  –Eric L.

“Simply spellbinding. . . Scott keeps his audience guessing as to how in the world his miracles are accomplished.”  –Michele A.

“A wonderful show. . . Completely mesmerizing!”  –Elsa R.

“Skillful and very adept. . . A personable performer who captivates his audience.”  –Janet D.

“You do not charge enough money for the quality and quantity of entertainment that you provide!”  –Leli M.