KAHNCEPTUAL CARD MAGIC: More Deceptive Practices with Playing Cards is Scott Kahn’s second full-length publication on card magic.  It is a 145 page, soft-covered photo-illustrated book featuring ten extraordinary card effects for magicians with intermediate to advanced card handling skills.  All of the routines in this book are practical, real world performance pieces.  Eighty-two photos accompany the text to highlight all of the intricate handling details.

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Contents Include:

In-The-Hands Open Prediction (IHOP)  A two-deck solution to Paul Curry’s classic Open Prediction Problem with an unexpected ending that the audience will never see coming.  An inexplicable miracle!

Predicated Card At Thought Of Number  A fun and easy-to-do prediction.  The magician is somehow able to foresee which playing card a spectator will shuffle to a secretly thought-of number.

Name, Rank And Serial Number  Eight random cards are removed from a deck.  After a series of thorough shuffles by both the magician and the audience, the order of the cards miraculously matches the serial number on a bill that was lying on the table the entire time.

You DID Do-It-Yourself  A classic of magic with a twist!  A spectator locates his freely chosen card by stabbing an indifferent card into the deck while the cards are held behind his back.  The selection then proves to be the only odd-backed card in the entire deck.  No forces!

The Queen’s Lie Detector  Martin Gardner’s classic Lie Speller plot revisited with a brilliant kicker prediction.  Incorporates ideas of J.K. Hartman, Marty Kane and Jim Steinmeyer.

The Joke’s On You (Redux)  An extremely visual card transposition meets Brother John Hamman’s Mystery Card plot.

Triple Whammy  In an uncanny display of skill, the magician instantly cuts to the mates of three free spectator selections in a truly shuffled deck.

A Tribute To Henry A.W. Nomis  The classic Stop Trick revisited.  A spectator shuffles a red deck and a card of their choice is placed sight unseen into the card box.  A blue deck is then introduced and a second spectator stops on a random card as they are turned face up.  Both selections match!  At no time does the performer look at the faces of the cards.

(To The Fourth Power)4  As a deck is dealt face up, four mystery cards are left face down in the pack at the spectator’s direction.  These four selections ultimately match the magician’s prediction.  Is it a quadruple coincidence or is it fate?  The climax will answer that question definitively.

Zipped Up & Locked Away  A card is freely selected, signed and lost in the deck.  The cards are dribbled onto a sealed zipper-style storage bag where the signed selection defies the laws of physics, ending up INSIDE the sealed bag.  Solid through solid.  This is the original!


“Scott is one of my favorite session mates.  As a result, I’ve been able to see these ideas develop and grow into their current form.  They started off strong and kept getting better and better.  This book is a treat for card workers looking for practical, powerful magic.” —Caleb Wiles

“Powerful, take-no-prisoners card magic.  If this were 1692, Scott would surely be on trial for witchcraft.” —Michael Kaminskas

“Kahn’s approach to magic is similar to that of his medical career, prescribing solutions that breathe new life into classic card magic.” —John Guastaferro

“I wish I had seen all of the routines in this book first before reading them to experience being totally fooled!” —Tomas Blomberg

“Scott Kahn is a must study for those into card magic.  He tackles a wide range of plots with a unique approach.” —Ryan Schlutz