Swindles, Scams & Kahns: Further Deceptive Practices with Playing Cards is Scott Kahn’s third full-length publication on card magic.  It is a soft-covered photo-illustrated book featuring twelve audience-tested performance pieces for magicians with intermediate to advanced card handling skills.  Each routine is described with Scott’s intricate attention to detail and includes fully-scripted and engaging presentations.

Contents include:

Front CoverWhat Are the Odds?!

Three spectators.  Three shuffled decks.  Each reverses a single card in their pack sight unseen.  Despite the odds, all three decks are spread to show that each spectator has reversed the exact same card.  A stunning coincidence!

Wax On, Wax Off

A classic of magic with a new twist and a new presentational hook.  A spectator locates their freely chosen card by stabbing an indifferent card into the deck while the cards are held behind their back.  The selection then proves to be the only odd-backed card in the entire deck.  No forces!



A random mystery card is placed aside.  Two spectators each think of a playing card.  The first selection is signed and used for an extremely visual transposition sequence in the first spectator’s hands.  The mystery card is then revealed to be the second spectator’s thought-of card!

The Time Travel Paradox

A progressive, four-phased demonstration of time travel that revolves around the Back to the Future storyline.  With the aid of the iconic Flux Capacitor, two spectator-signed cards move along the space-time continuum, transposing with each other several times.  The signatures fade away and the selections vanish altogether as the past is altered.  Ultimately, the space-time continuum is restored, leaving the audience with tangible proof of Doc Brown’s now famous Theory of Temporal Displacement.


An exploration of the Any Card At Number plot.  The spectator counts down to a selected number in a deck that they have had in their pocket from the onset and finds their freely named card.  A devastating fooler!

Poker Stab

A new variation of head-to-head poker is demonstrated.  Although designed to prevent any form of cheating at the card table, the magician is somehow able to beat the odds in this game every time.  A beautifully designed swindle!  

 Intuition Poker

Five face-down cards are removed from a shuffled deck.  The spectator imagines that these cards form a perfect poker hand – all except for one card that ruins it.  They blindly exchange one card for another.  When the final hand is revealed, it is a perfect royal flush.  Such a simple scam!

Crossover Triumph

Fate and serendipity are explored in this three-phase routine that combines a unique solution to the two-card transposition plot and Dai Vernon’s classic Triumph plot.  An ideal effect to perform for a dating or married couple.

Let’s Cut A Deal

A red deck and a blue deck are shuffled by a spectator.  They randomly cut to a card in the blue deck.  Without looking at the faces, the magician dead cuts to the same card in the spectator-shuffled red deck.  A completely hands-off wonder!

Cutting the Spades

A behind-the-scenes demonstration that allows the audience to see how the magician warms up for a performance.  The thirteen Spades are produced in order from Ace to King from a thoroughly shuffled deck of cards, using a different and progressively more impressive revelation each time.  The routine concludes with a kicker that no one will see coming.

The Cartomancy Con

A demonstration of fortune telling with playing cards.  The spectator freely selects three cards representing the past, present and future.  After a brief cold reading using these cards, the spectator’s Card of Fortune is determined by first adding up the values of the three cards and then counting down to the card at that numerical position in the shuffled deck.  The Card of Fortune is then proven to have been preordained – it is the only odd-backed card in the deck.  A final kicker then confirms this card was destined to be chosen even before the demonstration began.

In-The-Hands Open Prediction (IHOP) Revisited

A new-and-improved handling of the most popular routine from Kahnceptual Card Magic.  This is a two-deck solution to Paul Curry’s classic Open Prediction Problem.  An inexplicable miracle with a new presentation!