1913619_1291741938708_3661277_nClose-up magic is an intimate style of sleight-of-hand magic performed up close and personal for individuals and small groups. In this experience, your guests will witness impossible feats of magic right in front of their eyes and even in their own hands. Ideal venues for this type of magic performance include private parties, cocktail hours, wedding receptions, holiday celebrations, fundraising events, restaurants, outdoor festivals and corporate banquets. Scott can mingle with your guests or perform from one table to the next, entertaining everyone with stunning, visual magic and mind reading feats that are simply beyond imagination.

PARLOR MAGICtheatre-after
Parlor magic is designed for small to medium-sized audiences, ranging anywhere from 20-100 guests.  This type of performance is more intimate than large-scale stage magic shows and is generally performed closer to the audience and without a large stage or huge props. A parlor magic show makes an ideal follow-up to a close-up or walk-around performance and can be done either prior to or after your main event.

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