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The performer demonstrates a new variation of head-to-head poker making the rounds at amateur poker night games around the country.  The game is known as Poker Stab and it was designed to prevent any form of cheating at the card table.

The magician plays the role of the dealer.  Both he and his opponent thoroughly shuffle a deck of cards and individually choose their own up card.  The remaining four cards that will make up each player’s hand are then chosen by the other player by stabbing the up card somewhere into the shuffled deck and removing the four cards that surround it.  The cards in both poker hands are then turned over one by one, each time a round of betting taking place.  The performer’s opponent ends up with a nearly unbeatable hand.  However, in the end, the performer shows that he somehow cheated despite never apparently being able to.  He has an unbeatable royal flush in spades!

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The four Jacks are removed from a borrowed, shuffled deck of playing cards.  A card is then freely chosen and signed by a spectator.  The signed selection is set aside while the four Jacks are undoubtedly placed face down into four different spots in the face up deck.  When the signed selection is picked up, it is now shown to be the four Jacks!  The chosen card is found reversed in the center of the deck where the four Jacks had been only moments earlier.  A baffling four for one card transposition!

“Well structured and simple to do.  You’ll also learn some useful subtleties.”
-John Guastaferro

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A two deck solution to Paul Curry’s classic Open Prediction Problem with an unexpected ending that the audience will never see coming.  An inexplicable miracle!

“Your In-The-Hands Open Prediction is a wonderful way of turning the plot upside down.  I was severely fooled!” – Thomas Blomberg

“Great work Scott!  With your two deck open prediction, I got my money’s worth.  It is simply brilliant… beautifully constructed and it will fool people badly!” – John Carey

“WOW!  In-The-Hands Open Prediction is well worth the price of admission.  Simple, off beat and fun.”  – Brent Braun

“I did this effect several times last night table hopping and each time it killed.  Powerful, take no prisoners card magic.  If this were 16692, Scott would surely be on trial for witchcraft.”  – Michael Kaminskas

“Killer routine!  It really is amazing!”  – Ryan Schlutz

“Freaking awesome!  This routine blows people away!  Fact!!!  – Bennie Chickering

“One of the absolute cleanest Open Prediction effects I’ve ever seen.  It’s simple, but it has some very nice convincers which would fool any laymen who saw it (and most magicians too). You can tell Scott has worked this routine like crazy. I’ll be adding it to my repertoire.” – Madison Hagler 

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A fun and easy-to-do prediction. The magician is somehow able to foresee which playing card a spectator will shuffle to a secretly thought of number.

“This is a killer routine.  Please don’t over look this powerful routine because of its simplicity! It’s quick, it packs a punch, and it seems truly impossible.”  – Madison Hagler

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